Booking and Other Details

All sessions are booked through this website, or via message on my Facebook page.  I do not discuss session details,

packages, scheduling, or ordering via phone conversation.

A session fee is due upon booking any session.  This fee is nonrefundable, and covers the time and talent of the photographer.  

It does not apply to the package price.  

The remainder of the balance due will be paid on the day of the session.   The fee must be received

within a week of booking or the appointment will be cancelled.  


If you have to cancel your session, you will receive a credit for a later date.  


If you for some reason do not show up for your session, and do not notify me beforehand, you will forfeit any fees paid and lose your booking.  If I must cancel a session for any reason and I do not, or cannot, reschedule it, your session fee will be returned to you.

In the event a session takes place, yet you do not choose to take a package, the total fees paid will be forfeited to the photographer for time and expenses.

Though this has never happened, I do reserve the right to end any session early in cases of excessive unruliness,

or abusive language towards the photographer.


Studio type sessions will be shot in your home or another indoor location of your choosing.  I do not have a traditional studio at this time.

All digital images you receive will be full resolution files, which you are free to make prints of in any size or quantity.  

Please be advised that drug store prints are never the same quality as a professional lab.