A little about me...

Hi, I'm Angie!  

Originally from Southern Illinois, I'm now a resident of West Tennessee.  My husband and I make our

home in Camden.  Compared to where we came from, this is the "big city".  ;) 

We have five kids who are all grown up and doing their own things now. 

We're so very proud of all of them!


We all LOVE animals!  We have one bunny and thirty (yes, you read that right!) cats!  

I guess we're nearly a cat rescue at this point, but I can't turn away a stray.  I love Italian

food and funny movies, especially Adam Sandler.  If I'm not in the house,

I'm outside building something or planting something new to mow around.  

Reading is a past time that I don't do as much as I'd like.  I love Amish fiction! 

I also love writing, pretending that I can garden (I can't), and of course, photography!  


As a kid I loved art of all kinds.  I still do!  I've traded in my pencils and paints for a camera now,

and I find nothing so exciting as capturing amazing moments for all kinds of people.  

Working with kids is my passion.  They are SO much fun!  Interested in a session?  

Shoot me a message and we'll talk!