Looking for something a little different?  Something you can't get just anywhere?  

Fine Art Images are for you!


These images are hand created digital art.  Tremendous time and effort is put into each and every one to make it perfect and unique.  

You can let your imagination run wild with this sort of artwork.  Let me know what you're picturing in your head and I will bring it to life!


Fine Art Images can be combined with a regular session, or can be booked as a stand alone session.  They MUST be 

discussed prior to any session.  Most work on these is done behind the scenes, so knowing what the desired final image will 

be is crucial to proper posing and lighting when the original image is shot.  


The sky is the limit with these images!  Because they are hand edited and require a high level of skill,

these images are priced separately from regular sessions.  


Inside a creepy old castle

A Fine Art Session will have a session fee of $50.  Each Fine Art Image is $75.  If you are purchasing a regular package

along with a Fine Art Image, there will be a discount.  Please message me directly for more information.